Chester Leslie Yost (March 10, 1838 - September 10, 1908 ) was a livery dealer, mill owner, auctioneer and home builder in Ypsilanti. He was mayor of Ypsilanti from 1884-86.

In the news

Mr. Yost was one of the oldest members of Masonry in Ypsilanti and a member of the Royal Arcanum society. He was an earnest worker in the Presbyterian church. He had been a delegate to several democratic, city, county and state convention at various times.

At the meeting, Mayor Chester L. Yost presented the council with a communication concerning what he called the “disorderly and disgraceful proceedings.” The communication was included in the minutes of the council that were published by the Commercial on Friday, Dec. 25, 1885.

In the February 3, 1860 fire at Depot Town, his shop was destroyed. He resumed harness making in a shop east of the Follett House hotel.

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