Cobblestone Farm, like Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti themselves, started life in 1824. Located prominently on the Ypsi-Ann Arbor Road, it was a working farm, and remained such into the third quarter of the 20th century.

Today Cobblestone Farm is a park in south-central Ann Arbor fronting on Packard Road. Popular as a picnic spot and site for public and private gatherings (such as weddings and community fairs), the farm is possessed of a handful of extremely well preserved historic buildings. Mallet’s Creek traverses the property.


The farm house, completed in 1844, is one of several
cobblestone houses in the area



  • Ticknor family = 1824-1860
  • Booth family = 1860-1880
  • Campbell family = 1881-1972
  • City of Ann Arbor = 1972-present


1859 advertisement for the farm



Year Event
1824 Ezra Maynard clears land for a 240-acre farm in Section 3 of Pittsfield Township, lives in a log house on Mallet’s Creek
1835 Maynard sells farm to Heman Ticknor on behalf of his brother Benajah Ticknor, a surgeon serving in the United States Navy
1840 Dr. Benajah Ticknor shares the small frame house with brother Heman and family
1844 Construction of the cobblestone house completed
1846 Ticknor farm expands by another 80 acres
1860 Gesie Ticknor inherits the farm from her late husband Benajah, sells to Horace Booth
1880 William and Catherine Burke purchase the farm, then sell to Susan Chandler
1881 Scottish immigrants, William and Mary Aulls Campbell purchase the farm. Three generations of Campbells and their offspring work the farm
1972 The City of Ann Arbor acquires the farm from George and Mary Campbell
1973 Cobblestone Farm Committee founded
1974 Ann Arbor City Council resolution gives authority for the farm to the Historic District Commission; Cobblestone Farm Committee incorporates as Cobblestone Farm Association, a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization
1981 "Ann Arbor's Last Log Cabin" (the Willis cabin) was moved to the site from its original location at 1563 South Maple Road
1982 Ann Arbor City Council resolution establishes guidelines for management and operation, Cobblestone Farm officially becomes a public park

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