Fourth generation honey producer Thomas Arnott founded Cohoctah Honey Works in 1997. Cohoctah Honey Works has a focus on quality and unique products.

Cohoctah Honey Works Ann Arbor Farmer's Market OR: 7215 Geer Road Howell, MI 48843 517-545-2447.

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Cohoctah Honey Works have been at the farmers’ market for sixteen years. The owner Thomas Arnott, who recently passed away, handed down his company to his son who plans on continuing the tradition every Sunday at the Farmers’ Market.

Thomas Arnott takes enormous pride in his Cohoctah Honey Works that is inspected and licensed by the state. "This is raw honey, unheated and unfiltered," Arnott said. "This honey has never been above body temperature to preserve the enzymes and anti-microbials and to prevent conversion of sugars."