University of Michigan Coliseum in August 2013 (CC-BY-SA-3.0 Michael Barera)

The University of Michigan Coliseum is a home for Michigan sports programs including the men's gymanstics program, which trains there at the Newt Loken Gymnastics Training Center. It is located at 721 S. Fifth Ave. at the corner with Hill Street.​

During elections, the site serves as a polling place for Ann Arbor City 4-3.

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Winter and summer, one of Ann Arbor's livelier recreational attractions seventy years ago was Weinberg's coliseum and swimming pool, down at the end of Fifth Avenue where it intersects with Hill Street. The concrete building that housed the indoor ice rink was erected by masonry contractor Fred Weinberg, probably in 1909. It survives today as the U-M Coliseum, which was the home of Michigan's ice hockey team until 1973.


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