The property was at the heart of a plan to build a 1,300-home project, dubbed Colt Farms, a number of years ago. When Ann Arbor Township refused to rezone the land to allow the project, the Brauns joined a lawsuit brought by the developer. Then the township clerk, Catherine Braun lost the job she had held 14-plus years as controversy over that lawsuit spilled into the 2004 election.

Ms. Laporte explained the purpose of the meeting to provide information to the public concerning the Colt Farms housing community proposed to be built on the corner of Joy and Whitmore Lake Roads about a mile north of Barton Hills Village (BHV). The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has issued an intent to grant permit notice in response to the application by Colt Farms for an on-site wastewater treatment facility. Colt Farms proposes to build 1000 manufactured homes and over 300 traditional homes on the approximately 300-acre site. The development would be situated on top of the aquifers that provide water to BHV.

Allison asked Clerk Braun to not attend closed session due to her being involved in litigation with the township. Braun stated that she had attorney approval to attend if they were not discussing her case. Braun asked Supervisor Moran if Colt Farms was on the closed session agenda. He stated that it was not. Allison moved to adjourn to closed session to discuss pending litigation. Ragland supported and motion carried.

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