Local group blog Sustainable Ypsi discusses allowing people to post their monthly energy usage in order to compare their efforts with one other. Originator Dave says,

"We would want it anonymous enough so as not to give too much personal information, but enough information to understand what type of house it is and how many people are living there. Once there was enough information, a person could see how they are conserving relative to your neighbors. The gas and electric usage is easy to find on the www.dteenergy.com web site."

Widely editable public page? Sounds like a job for a wiki!

The original post is here: http://www.sustainableypsi.org/?p=31

The SustainableYpsi Comparative Efficiency Table

Name Location Building Age Square Footage # of Residents Electricity Use Gas Use Water Use
Strenski Ypsilanti 1892 4 350 kwh 94 cf
Murphy Ypsilanti 1905 1300 3 692 kwh 76 cf

How To

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To add your data:

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  • Still in edit, copy and paste the stuff between the quotation marks on the next two lines between the last data row and that end of the table marker:
    • "|-" (this creates a new line in the table)
    • "| (name) || (loc) || (age) || (sf) || (people) || (elec) || (gas) || (water)" (put this on a separate line)
  • Replace the placeholders with the appropriate data.
  • click "save page", below the edit window, to save your changes. (You can also use "preview", if you like.)
  • You're done!

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