The Count of Antipasto was a 1980s era campus hangout located at 1140 South University.

Rich Magner, owner of Blimpy Burger, managed the food service operation there.

Count Twists are still on the menu at Good Time Charley's.


I used to work for Rich when he managed the food operation at the Count of Antipasto–glad to hear the ‘closed’ sign is part of maintaining/upgrading. Ann Arbor wouldn’t be quite the same without Rich feeding us–and without Blimpy’s.

The menu combines basic bar food and munchies with some of the stuff from the now-defunct Count of Antipasto (now Wherehouse Records, upstairs). Start with Count Twists, a Charley's tradition--thick, chewy, 3 by 9-inch bread sticks baked to order from a yeasty dough laced with cheddar and hot pepper cheese and served with a spicy pink dipping sauce--or near-perfect french fries: not too fat, not too thin, and slightly overcooked to a rich, even gold.