Curtis Chicken in the Rough, seen in this undated photo from the Wayne State University Virtual Motor City collection.

Chicken in the Rough (207 S. Main Street, Ann Arborwas opened in 1947 by Greek immigrant, George Koutroumbanos Curtis and his wife Marion, along with two other partners, whom George and Marion bought out in 1949.  George and Marion kept the restaurant open 22 hours each day, every day of the year except Christmas, and ran the restaurant themselves, with Marion opening each morning and George closing each night, until they sold the restaurant in the early 1960’s to Aristidis Mellos ("Art") and Mary Mellos.

"I ate there in the mid-1970s. Never had the chicken, but I went through the lunch line often (it was a cafeteria). Art Mellos, who owned the restaurant and ladled out the food, was Greek - friendly, with a great sense of humor. (George Curtis still owned the building, but wasn't running the place anymore.) Great cheap food.” ~Wystan

Chicken in the Rough was a nationally franchised chicken restaurant concept; Haab's Restaurant in Ypsilanti served this style as well. So did Metzger's, in Ann Arbor.

Interior view, courtesy family of James Curtis, son of George Curtis