There is a blog out there called that has some posts concerning the DHS student newspaper, "The Squall." The blog has a beneficial premise, in that it allows discussion on issues facing the school, but as it is there is no open dialogue due to the chronic censorship. So comments that are made in response to posts are only put up if it is in agreement with the administrator of the blog. At the top of their blog they say “Comments Welcome,” what they really mean to say is: comments welcome… but only if you agree with us. The whole point of this blog is to let people exercise their right to the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Not everyone agrees on everything that happens at the high school, and that’s ok, whether you agree with us or not, we want to know. But please, although the point of this blog is to let everyone’s voice heard without censorship, we ask that you be mature about your comments. So feel free to post comments about anything we post on our page, or anything posted on because we want to hear all sides of the matter. COMMENTS WELCOME (and we mean it.)