Dale Newman was an Ann Arbor landlord. A series of buildings he has operated have had problems.

Michigan Inn

His Michigan Inn building burnt in July 2007

DTE Meter Tampering

In August 2007, several houses managed by Newman were declared uninhabitable by the City of Ann Arbor for lacking gas or electricity after DTE shut off the power for nonpayment of utilities or meter tampering. This put several tenants out of their homes just as the UM semester started. In September, DTE filed suit against Newman, seeking $500,000 in damages for unauthorized meters and "other unlawful means" of getting gas or electricity. That amount is three times the estimated value of the utilities used unlawfully, plus costs of investigation. In February 2009, Judge Donald Shelton ruled in DTE's favor and found Newman guilty of utilities fraud.

Assault charges

Newman was arrested and jailed on felony assault charges in February 2009 after a disagreement with Washtenaw County security officers at the County Courthouse led to a scuffle.


One blog suggests his name appears frequently in court

Petitioned to end radon testing on one of the homes he managed.

At least one of his houses has had problems with facilities, including brown water.

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