The Dam Site Inn is a biker bar located at 4095 Patterson Lake Rd., Hell, MI.

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We were hungry so it was back to the Dam Site Inn which Dave described as an old Up North tavern. We knew we were in Hell because the lamps around the tavern look like flames with air blowing up through flamed-shaped fabric. Fortunately, the food was good and not hellish: clam chowder, chili, fish and chips, and a baked chicken burrito.

The biggest misconception of the Dam Site Inn, Soelz said, is that it's a gathering place for bikers who like to fight. Motorcyclists, drawn to the area because of its winding, woodsy roads, still frequent the Dam Site Inn. But the bikes these days are definitely high-end types preferred by doctors, lawyers and businessmen, Soelz and Mills agree.

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