This 137-acre natural area on West Liberty Road was the first property purchased through the Washtenaw County Natural Area Preservation Program in 2003. Wetlands, which make up the majority of the site, surround a small upland woodland in the southernmost portion of the site along Liberty. From the trailhead at the parking area, two loop trails wind through the woods. The east loop connects with a seasonal trail that takes visitors out into the wetlands and old fields in the northern areas of the preserve. Large bur oak and hop-hornbeam trees are notable here.

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The DeVine Property is a wonderful place to watch birds, in a very diverse habitat. On a May morning, you will see and hear lots of migrating warblers, and I have seen and heard the fairly unusual Sedge Wren far in the back of the property (in the wet field away from the road) every year for several years. :ast year, I also heard an Olive-Sided Flycatcher there, surely on its way to more northerly climes.

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