Dexter is a nice small town about 10 miles from the center of Ann Arbor. Dexter has a fantastic Cider Mill and an A and W, among other things. You can get out there on Huron River Drive (scenic), Dexter-Ann Arbor Road, or Miller Road, which merges with Dexter-Ann Arbor. The Huron River passes through the north side of town. Hudson Mills Metropark and Delhi Metropark are also nearby.

Every June, the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run starts in Dexter and heads to, not surprisingly, Ann Arbor.


Dexter village has a population of 4,067 in the 2010 census, up from 2,338 in the 2000 census.


From the Dexter Chamber of Commerce:

The Village of Dexter, as well as the Township derived its name from the Hon. Samuel W. Dexter, who bought a large tract of land in this vicinity and originated the village. The area was first settled in 1824, and the Village of Dexter was first known as "Mill Creek Settlement". It wasn't until the Village was platted in 1830 that the name was changed to Dexter. The first sawmill in the area was built in 1827 by Ousterout and Hull, and the first grist mill was built in 1844. [1]

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