U-Pick blueberry farm. They provide buckets. Call ahead of time before going, since you want to go on a day when the crop is good. On a good day you can pick five pounds, which will fill a one gallon bucket (provided)!


2020 season

Due to Covid, buckets are no longer provided for free; bring your own, or pay $1 for one of theirs. Season opens Friday, July 17. $2.25/lb for berries. Masks are required.

2014 season

No berries are available in 2014, as the hard freeze of the winter caused the crop to be lost.

2010 season

Monday, July 12 2010 is expected opening date.

The price of berries /lb. is $1.60/lb

2009 season

August 2: Crop is excellent... nonstop picking. My wife and I got 16lbs in about two hours.

July 12: expected to open Monday, July 20 2009. The price is $1.60/lb.


The 2008 season is OPEN as of July 20; "picking is a little slow right now, but it will pick up and we should have good picking through the end of July and August".

  • An August 1 visit had excellent picking, 2.5 lbs of berries, and enough ripe ones that you could stand in one spot and pick for a few minutes.
  • A July 26 visit generated 1 quart of berries from a correspondent, "lots of green berries still on the bush"
  • A July 20 visit found the best berries near the power line, with considerably more unripe berries than ripe ones.
  • User:Murph's July 20 visit found same; my one-hour pick rate is 5 pounds, but I only made 1.5 pounds in that time.


The 2007 season is open as of July 13.


Dexter Blueberry Farm 11024 Beach Road, Dexter MI. (734) 426-2900

Website: http://www.dexterblueberry.com/

U-pick blueberries only. $1.55 per pound. Not organic. A few incidental blackberries, free. Open Mid-July through Labor Day. Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-7:30pm; Sunday, noon-6pm.