What do you know about Dixboro Elementary School?


1985. Ann Arbor schools are reorganized, and six schools are closed: Bader, Clinton, Freeman, Lakewood, Newport, and Stone schools. (Ann Arbor Schools Musings)

1974. The school is renamed the Freeman School, after long time Dixboro resident Glen A. Freeman, 

August 16, 1972. The Ann Arbor Board of Education appointed Elizabeth B. Michael principal of Dixboro School at an annual salary of $22,705, replacing principal Jack Engelhardt. Dr. Michael had been assistant professor at University of Toledo since 1969.  She received her undergraduate degree from Marquette College in 1951,  M.A. from the University of Michigan, and PhD from Wayne State University in 1968.  Dr. Michael began her teaching career in 1951, teaching in several Michigan school districts.  She also served as lecturer and supervising teacher at Eastern Michigan University.   (From Ann Arbor News archives.)  

1958. The Dixboro School joins the Ann Arbor school system. (From Grace Shackman, Dixboro, Now and Then).