The former finance director for the Ann Arbor District Library again escaped a prison sentence Tuesday after turning over money he posted for a jail bond and agreeing to have his wages garnished. Donald G. Dely, 61, was convicted in 2000 of embezzling $119,387 from the library from 1997 to 2000. Since then, he has been accused of repeatedly violating the terms of his probation by failing to repay the funds.

At the time the deficit was discovered, local police launched an investigation of the library's then finance director Don Dely. The probe unearthed enough evidence to arrest Dely on June 16 for three felony counts of embezzlement. Grimes revealed that Dely pleaded "no contest" to the charges on September 19 and will be sentenced October 31. Dely, however, still faces a trial for the civil suit brought against him by the library.

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