Dover is a mostly historical settlement on the Huron River in the northeast part of Dexter Townsihp. Also known as Dover Mills, it was settled in 1833 and given a post office named Bass Lake on August 30, 1849, with Mises Y. Hood as the first postmaster. In 1882, Thomas Birkett established the Birkett Manufacturing Company here and the post office was renamed Birkett on March 29, 1882, with Thomas Birkett as the first postmaster. The office continued until October 14, 1893.


Very early in the recorded history of Dexter Township are found reports of several Indian villages. The first white settlers came from mainly New York. The first settlement was made in 1825, on the northeast fractional one-fourth of section 36, by two brothers and their families. Samuel W. Dexter purchased the east half of section 12 where the Dover Mills were later located.