Dubplate Pressure was a record store on Liberty Street run by Todd Osborn.

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The History: A man of multiple activities and genres, long-time DJ/producer Todd Osborn (no “e”, mind you) uses a variety of aliases to express himself in a manner very similar to close friend and co-conspirator Tadd Mullnix. As the proprietor of the legendary Dubplate Pressure record store in Ann Arbor (where Sam Valenti IV met Tadd Mullinix), Osborn has occupied an important place in the local Ann Arbor scene, also running the ragga jungle label Rewind! and holding events throughout the Detroit area. As a musician, Todd occupies his small studio (based quite literally in his closet) and produces acclaimed old school-inspired jungle as SoundMurderer with Mullinix (as SK-1) for both Rewind! and Rephlex, the label of Richard D. James. He also produces booty with Brian Gillespie for Databass as Starski and Clutch.