As of February 2013, Eastern Accents was closed.

Eastern Accents is an Asian bakery and lunch place on Fourth Avenue between Liberty Street and Washington Street, across from where Common Language used to be (2001) and next to Bandito's.

Wifi is available in the store, via Wireless Ypsi, at no charge.

Specialties of the house include their cakes, a wide variety of sweet and savory buns including a red bean bun, a hot dog bun, and an egg bun, and bi bim bop. They serve tea by the pot.

Recently expanded the menu to include an excellent red curry dish.

On Thursdays, the a2b3 group has a regular lunch meeting. Many good times were had during these lunches.

214 S 4th Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 332-8782