Eisenhower is an east-west boulevard running across the south side of Ann Arbor, from Packard to Ann Arbor-Saline. Presumably built as a bypass around the south side of town once Stadium Boulevard, the bypass of the '40s, became congested, it rapidly sprouted a mall, a pair of high-rise office tours, two nearby freeway exits, and a rash of strip malls, office parks, and chain "americana" restaurants.

We'll start out where Eisenhower heads due west and Packard Street takes a turn to the northwest, and we'll end up at Ann Arbor-Saline Road. You'll be driving or riding a bus, there's not much walking to be had.

Eisenhower, City of Ann Arbor Assessor

Southern Ann Arbor's landmark Corbusian "tower in a park[ing lot]" office plexes: