Family Farms' Cooperative is a collection of small dedicated families whose goal is to maintain a quality of life living on a sustainable farm. We are striving to produce a superior all natural product and deliver it directly to the final customer. This will insure quality and give you knowledge of exactly where your food is coming from. By having this person to person relationship with our customers we receive feedback directly.

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For current customers in Chicagoland and Ann Arbor/Detroit Richard and Annette Hebron 1-269-476-8883

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In an email last Thursday, Hebron stated: “Several families today have reported members being sick with diarrhea since last Friday's milk delivery. Some of those sickened believe the illness may have come from last Friday's milk delivery, March 5 to Ann Arbor and Wyandotte. Some stool samples from these individuals show campylobacter, a relatively mild form of food poisoning, although in rare cases, campylobacter can result in serious complications. There is no specific information to suggest that the illness is related to milk, but we want you to know so that you can decide if you or any members of your family want to stop drinking the milk.”

The people reported consuming products from Family Farms' Cooperative in Vandalia, 60 miles south of Grand Rapids. It operates a program in which members own part of a cow and receive raw dairy products. Family Farms' attorney Stephen Bemis said internal tests don't show a link to the illnesses but the cooperative is working with the state.

The milk for the Family Farm Cooperative cow share program comes from a dairy farm in Indiana and is not available in retail stores. The raw milk comes in a container warning that its contents are not pasteurized.

The raw milk for the share program comes from a dairy farm in Indiana and was shipped in plastic containers. The containers have the following information on a green and white cap that says: “Forest Grove Dairy, Middlebury Indiana; Raw Cow’s Milk, Warning-Not Pasterized, 128 FL OZ.”

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