Chicago-based development company Joseph Freed & Associates has worked on a number of projects in the area. Their hallmark product for Ann Arbor seems to be the ten-story building featuring underground parking, first floor commercial space, and condo or rental lofts above; this form, in various skins, describes three of their current downtown projects.

  • 4Eleven Lofts - proposed development at corner of Washington and Division. Formerly named Citi Centre Lofts. Formerly formerly named Washington Terrace.
  • Arborland - Freed purchased a struggling indoor mall in the late '90s and transformed it into the successful big-box mecca it is today.
  • Ashley Terrace - a 10-story residential project at Ashley and Huron; the steel structure is mainly complete as of July 2007.
  • Glen Ann Place - this contentious 10-story residential project was first shot down by the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission in 2005, followed by a two year legal process. As of mid-2007, it looked like Freed would be able to move forward on the project; but by 2012, the property was facing foreclosure from unpaid back taxes.
  • Water Street Redevelopment Project - Freed spent most of 2006 working on Ypsilanti's Water Street project before backing out in December 2006, citing a poor housing market.