The mission of Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway is to promote the creation of a full-scale public park and greenway system in the Allen Creek floodplain consisting of:

  • A main Greenway walking and bicycling pathway located in the Ann Arbor Railroad right-of-way, running from the U-M athletic complex to Argo Dam and the Huron River
  • Three Greenway anchor parks occupying the entirety of three public floodplain/floodway properties (northeast corner of First & William; 415 W. Washington city yard; & 721 N. Main city yard).

Supporters believe that establishing the pathway and the three parks will provide the basis for a substantial, full-scale Ann Arbor Greenway, and that the city of Ann Arbor will never have a better opportunity than now to set aside these three public properties for Greenway parks.

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