Frog Island Park is a popular park in Ypsilanti next to the Huron River and immediately adjacent to Depot Town. It is dominated by a soccer field in the center around which runs a gravel track. The southern slope features a small amphitheater; a community garden occupies the northern slope. At one time, the park was owned by the Ypsilanti public schools and was used as their football field and track; the park was sold to the city when the new high school and sports fields were built at Packard and Hewitt.

In the past, the park hosted many major community events including Elvisfest, the Michigan Beer Festival, and the Frog Island Jazz and Blues Festival. Some of these events have ceased; others expanded beyond the size Frog Island could handle and now occur in Riverside Park, which is connected to Frog Island by the tridge.

While no formal programming or scheduling exists, the park hosts a variety of sports--any given evening in good weather will see the park used for ultimate frisbee, soccer, Quidditch(!), dog training classes, or other activities.