The Fuller Road Station was a development project proposed to provide parking, a bus terminal, a train station and access to the University of Michigan Hospitals from a new site on Fuller Road. The master site plan called for more than 1000 new parking spaces as well as access to what would eventually be high speed rail intercity connections. The plans in this form were halted in February 2012.

It was previously known as the Fuller Intermodal Transit Station, or FITS, in previous planning efforts.

A subsequent plan that would build mostly just a train station is under consideration under the name Ann Arbor Station.

Part of the land under consideration is currently a parking lot at Fuller Park.

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According to a statement released on Feb. 10, 2012, the University of Michigan and the city of Ann Arbor have halted plans for the proposed Fuller Road Station as it’s currently conceived – a city/UM parking structure, bus depot and possible train station located at the city’s Fuller Park near the UM medical complex.

But Tuesday evening, the city’s planning commission did take action related to Fuller Road Station. They voted unanimously to amend the list of permitted principal uses of public land – specifically, changing a “municipal airports” use to “transportation facilities.” During a public hearing on the issue, several speakers – including park commissioner Gwen Nystuen – objected to the change.

AATA board member Sue McCormick also gave some shape to the city’s funding strategy for its share of the Fuller Road Station project: Once the environmental impact study is completed, that will make it possible for the local transit agency – in this case, the AATA – to apply for federal funds for the project. That’s consistent with the message thus far from city officials, who have said that whatever the funding strategy will be, it won’t involve city general fund money.

Ann Arbor Park Advisory Commission meeting (March 16, 2010): Fuller Road Station was the focus of this month’s PAC meeting, including a presentation by Eli Cooper and others on the project’s team. Five people spoke on the topic during public commentary as well – all of them concerned about the proposed parking structure and transit center.

The University of Michigan will pay 78 percent of the costs of a new transit station on Fuller Road under an agreement approved by the Ann Arbor City Council Thursday. The first phase of the project is estimated to cost between $40 million and $45 million, which includes construction of a 1,020-space parking deck across from the U-M Hospital. The city has agreed to assume responsibility for 22 percent of that cost.

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