The Gandy Dancer restaurant viewed from the Huron River park near the Broadway Bridge
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Phone: (734) 769-0592
Address: 401 Depot St, Ann Arbor MI 48104
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Owner: Muer Seafood Restaurants
Established: 1971

Upscale restaurant specializing in seafood and a spectacular (but not cheap) Sunday brunch, located in the former Michigan Central Railroad station on Depot Street. When there was a Muer's chain, this was part of it.

It's traditional for everyone to clap when a train passes (it doesn't happen that often).

In the news

Earlier this month, the upscale Ann Arbor restaurant began charging its servers 1.5 percent of the tips patrons leave on credit cards to help the restaurant pay credit card processing fees.


The Gandy Dancer is an amazing building with poor service, high prices, and bad food. I am giving the Gandy Dancer two boilers, and that is for the building alone. If you walk in, and walk out, you’ll get to experience the best parts of the Gandy without the hassle of actually having to eat there.