Gary Wellings is a resident of Whitmore Lake (Northfield Township) in Washtenaw County and is a popular radio talk show host and also the Chief Editor of The Courant, a fast growing monthly community newspaper based out of Whitmore Lake that serves the Washtenaw, Livingston and Oakland County areas. This free newspaper is mailed to 26,700 homes as of February 2012 with an additional 5,000 drops offs from Howell to Ann Arbor and Pinckney to South Lyon. The Courant has increased from 3,600 circulation in January 2007 to 31,700 in part because of its conservative outlook and watch dog views toward government.

You can hear more from Gary Wellings on local, state and national politics by tuning into his radio show, The Drift, on WAAM TALK 1600AM on Sundays at 8am, or catch the show live on the web at or listen to podcasts at Many of Gary's views can also be read at

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