Gottlob Luick (b. 19 Sep 1849,  d. 17 Sep 1931) was owner of Luick Brothers Lumber Company (1873-1930) with his brother, Emmanuel Luick and was mayor of Ann Arbor from 1899-1901.

Gottlob was one of twelve children of German immigrants.

In 1931, he donated land for what is now the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.

Son of German immigrants who settled in Lima Township.

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According to Shafer, the members of Huron River Manufacturing constituted "a politically prominent and financially experienced group." Hiscock owned a successful local coal and wood company, his brother had served as president of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank for the last decade and Gottlob Luick--vice president of Huron River Manufacturing--had owned a planing mill and lumberyard in Ann Arbor since 1873.