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Chinese restaurant with a broad menu including some odd dishes such as tea-flavored beef. They are part of a 5 resturant family chain.

Phone: (734) 668-8389
Address: 2255 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, 48103
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Affiliated with another restaurant in Toledo.

Timeline: Gourmet Garden

May 21, 2015. Feds: Ann Arbor's Gourmet Garden to pay $116K in back wages. Ann Arbor News. "Shougi Song, who owns the Chinese restaurant at 2255 W. Stadium Blvd., has been ordered by the federal government to pay $116,000 in back wages to 18 employees."




It's easy to still remember that this location used to be a Ponderosa. Actually, I usually just refer to it as the Chinese Ponderosa and people know where I mean. They have my favorite shrimp fried rice. I can usually get a large carry-out and eat for the better half of a week. I've also dined in here with friends. It never seems to be too busy, and the service has always been friendly and prompt. (4 star review)

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