Lion statue at the entrance to Gross Road

Gross Road is located off of Packard Road just West of Carpenter Road just before Packard Road passes underneath US-23 on the North side of the road. Gross Road is a private road with the entrance flanked on either side by stone lion statues. At this time (in 2010) one of the statues is in some disrepair and the other appears much newer.

According to a December 2012 I Spy" update in the Ann Arbor Observer, drawing on an April 2006 "Question Corner," the lions were among a number purchased in Grayling during the late 1920's or early 1930's by dairy farmer Frank E. King (1876-1963) and his son Forrest E. King (1913-2003), who moved their farm to "Carpenter's Corners" (Packard and Carpenter) during the Depression, and whose farmhouse was directly across from Gross Road.  Others were placed around town, but these are the only ones known to remain.

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