Hoodang is David Rossiter, Dave Keeney, Ralph McKee, and John Crawford. Founded in 2003, the band has been tapping into that gleaming vein of sonic gold that travels back into the early part of the last century. Drawing inspiration from the tradition of English murder ballads, hardcore American country music, and careful-you'll-cut-yourself electric blues, the band plays a shapeshifting amalgam of original alt. country music alternately pensive and seriously rocking. For close to a decade, Hoodang has been mesmerizing audiences with its unique blend of dark, driving, off-kilter alt. country music. The band writes songs, often in the first-person, of people tarnished by bad blood and bad luck who still find ways to make it through to the next town, day, marriage, con, or bottle. Blending a driving, fingerstyle acoustic guitar sound with a thrumming bass, chiming electric guitar, and hammer down percussion, Hoodang’s comfort zone is a spontaneous, careening edge that plays off the moment, the mood, and the room. 

To book or contact Hoodang, email David Rossiter at david@hoodang.com or call David at 734.834.3196. Hoodang does occasionally play cause-related benefits. Contact us with the details.​


"One of the most skilled and smartest songwriters around these days. His lyrics really talk to me. His music is authentic. I have received lots of inspiration from it." - Christoph Mueller, Outlaw Artist

"They're making some of the toughest, smartest country music anywhere in the Midwest." - www.TheArk.org

"Rossiter is a storyteller first and foremost. If you like the parade of ornery hard-luck characters who have wound their way through Steve Earle's albums, or the tough, edgy romantic characterizations of the grassroots Ontario iconoclast Fred Eaglesmith, be aware that there's a local figure who can play in their league. And he's got a dry leather strap of a voice to go with his songs." James M. Manheim, The Ann Arbor Observer

"Sometimes all a country song needs is a plucky mandolin and a melancholy banjo, and this Ann Arbor trio makes the most of its simple, catchy ramblers. Frontman David Rossiter has a tinder-dry voice tailor-made for pensive road maxims; gleaming pedal steel only adds to his authority." - Download.com

"Fine Morning is one of those so-good-they're-scary tunes that force you to hit the repeat button just to make sure that you really heard what you just heard. Then it lingers in your head for a long, long time." 
W. Kim Heron

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