Handicraft Furniture was located at 337 East Liberty Street and run by the Lepard family. It was founded in 1915.

The photo shows Handicraft Furniture in October 1967, as the Klingmann house (Doric Apartments) is being demolished for an addition to the building. To the left is a Gulf station where Liberty Plaza is now located, and far right is the Ann Arbor News building. Photo collection Wystan Stevens.


Harold “Jack” Lepard died on January 15, 2005 at 73 years old. He was a lifelong resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan until his retirement in the mid 1980s....Prior to his retirement, Jack was the President and Owner of Handicraft Furniture Co., a company founded by his grandfather to retail furniture in Ann Arbor, MI. From the 1920s until the mid 1980s Handicraft operated at 337 East Liberty in Ann Arbor with a 40,000 foot showroom and warehouse, and sold quality home furnishings.