North side of the Hatcher Graduate Library, taken from the Diag.

The main library on the Diag, named after former U of Michigan president Harlan Hatcher.

Collections by floor

2 North: Reading room, main reference desk, Knowledge Navigation Center, Faculty Exploratory, Government Documents Center, SAND

3 North: Children's books

4 North: Asia Library, HR

2 South: Serials, microfilms, connector to the Undergraduate Library

3 South: 800-899

7 South: Special Collections, including the Labadie Collection

8 South: Map Library

A warning to new users is that the Hatcher building actually combines two structures, one older and one newer, with the floors at different heights -- so there is a confusing proliferation of levels 1A, 1B, 2 North, and so on. It is well worth the trouble to consult a map or talk with a librarian before heading into the stacks.

Many Ann Arbor residents have fond memories of days spent wandering in the dusty stacks.

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