North side of the Hatcher Graduate Library, taken from the Diag.

The main library on the Diag, named after former U of Michigan president Harlan Hatcher.

Collections by floor

The collections do move! This was a snapshot in time of what was there - consult a librarian for a current map.

2 North: Reading room, main reference desk, Knowledge Navigation Center, Faculty Exploratory, Government Documents Center, SAND

3 North: Children's books

4 North: Asia Library, HR

2 South: Serials, microfilms, connector to the Undergraduate Library

3 South: 800-899

7 South: Special Collections, including the Labadie Collection

8 South: Map Library

A warning to new users is that the Hatcher building actually combines two structures, one older and one newer, with the floors at different heights -- so there is a confusing proliferation of levels 1A, 1B, 2 North, and so on. It is well worth the trouble to consult a map or talk with a librarian before heading into the stacks.

A video from 2007, entitled the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Labyrinth, may be a useful guide to the mysteries of the library and its design. "No map devised by mortals can show you the way out of this library once you become lost."

Many Ann Arbor residents have fond memories of days spent wandering in the dusty stacks.

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