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Harvey Drouillard is an Ann Arbor photographer who has gained a reputation for his stagings of nude photo shoots on the streets of Ann Arbor and elsewhere, though his intended shoot at the 2008 Art Fair was disrupted by police intent on arresting any models who disrobed. Harvey's lightning-fast nude shoots originated at the 1994 Hash Bash, and have included previous run-ins with police, including a 1997 charge of indecent exposure that was dismissed by the Court.

Harvey for a time ran an underground club called The Anecdote, and has published a book of photography The Spirit of Lady Godiva, ISBN 0973027010.


After we all got over our respective moments of self-doubt, the crew - which included Harvey, four “models” (yes, I'm calling myself a model) and a significant "security" detail - headed to Hill Auditorium, where the sisters had occasional violin recitals growing up, which they found rather amusing.

Nudity tends to do that – make people, especially Americans, feel uncomfortable – and public nudity even more so. Not for everybody, though. Not for Harvey Drouillard.