HistoSonics is a University of Michigan spinoff company that is developing an ultrasound tool for the treatment of prostate disease.


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ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Ann Arbor-based HistoSonics Inc. announced the first experimental treatment of a research volunteer with its Vortx RX device, designed to treat benign prostate enlargement non-invasively.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Five University of Michigan inventors have lined up $11 million for a company that will make their ultrasound tool for treating prostate disease without surgery. The university said Monday that HistoSonics Inc. will be based in Ann Arbor. The inventors are Charles Cain, Brian Fowlkes, Tim Hall, Zhen Xu and William Roberts.

Ann Arbor-based HistoSonics Monday announced an $11 million Series A financing led by Venture Investors of Ann Arbor and Madison, Wis.

  • Histosonics, Biomedical Engineering Faculty News, Nov 2008

To this end a company, Histosonics, has been formed to commercialize histotripsy. The first clinical application will be BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). In the meantime, histotripsy's efficacy for additional applications is being explored and developed by Dr. Cain's research team. Potential applications include thrombolysis (clot breakup), kidney stones, uterine fibroids, breast lesions, and brain tumors - to name a few. Just last week, Histosonics was invited to present at the MichBio conference in the Emerging Bioscience Showcase.

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