Owner Paula Fader-Graff feels guilty about the closing, but confesses that the economy has taken its toll in this local sweet shop, and the doors will close permanently on Feb. 26. It's not the only closing in the retail center south of East Stadium: Hollywood Video will close its doors, too.

Hollywood Video was a chain of video stores with several locations in Ann Arbor; it is now closed.



As the video store as a concept slowly dies, I sometimes wonder what has killed this once mighty business. Surely having your films infrequently mailed to you isn't that much better than being able to walk around and browse the actual aisles? Then I go to a place like this Hollywood Video and realize that the sparsely stocked shelves are a dead zone of films made mostly after 1998 (because there's apparently more demand for Snakes on a Train than the Midnight Express) and a bunch of overpriced candy and snacks.


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