Irving Kane Pond (May 1, 1857 – September 29, 1939) was an American architect, college athlete, and author. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pond attended the University of Michigan and received a degree in civil engineering in 1879. He was a member of the first University of Michigan football team and scored the first touchdown in the school's history in May 1879. The Michigan League was designed by Allen and Irving Pond.



The League was designed by Allen and Irving Pond, the same Ann Arbor–born architects who had designed the Michigan Union. Compared with the Union, “the woman’s building will be more gracious and more feminine in its atmosphere, but the underlying strength will be there,” Allen Pond wrote. “The day of the purely charming young lady is past.” The Ponds also designed many of the building’s decorative touches, including the statues above the front entrance (female figures identified as Character and Friendship), the stained glass windows, and the murals. Allen Pond, sadly, never lived to see his creation completed. The building was dedicated on June 14, 1929, two months after his death.

Irving K. Pond's memoir was written between 1937 and 1939. Pond finished it on May 9th of that year, and died at the end of September. He wrote the entire manuscript in pencil, from brief notes that he also left behind. All of this work on the manuscript, along with all of his voluminous writings on all kinds of subjects, his collection of photographs, etc, was given to the American Academy of Arts and Letters at the time of his death. His enormous body of work has never been fully documented in a single book until now.


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