An outpost of the Meijer "hypermarket" chain located at 5645 Jackson Road at Zeeb Road in Scio Township. The facade is very interesting, resembling small Downtown-styled storefronts. The interior layout, however, has received criticism from Michigan students and some by the general public, assumed by the fact that we're used to having the pharmacy on the right and the bakery counter on the left at the two other local Meijer stores, while this one does exactly the opposite.


Opened May 20, 2001.

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NOTE: Store has been remodeled since the following review.

Inside is pretty interesting--they've continued with the faux-cades. Toys features a brick-like old time toy store appearance. Next to it is Sports, with a hewn beam truss design, just like Cabela's. Throughout the store are interesting faux-vintage (I should come up with a pun for that) signs that look like the wall hangers of Cafe Solace/Bloom, with department names on them.

Also unique was what could be called the Victors department. Right near Men's (which was overrun with racks and racks of T-shirts and other apparel in a certain color combination) was a display packed with various "souvenired" product emblazoned with The Block M®. Some of the items are musical. (Fridge magnet: good rendition, but missing the "bump" note. Bottle opener: only half of the chorus.) I examined the ice scrapers to find the PLAY button (nope).

Most Fred's are readily navigable at night for newcomers. This one is not.