James Dapogny (b. September 3, 1940, Berwyn, Illinois) is a jazz musicologist, pianist and bandleader, active principally in the traditional jazz revival scene.

Dapogny has led an ensemble called the Chicago Jazz band since 1975, which has played with Sippie Wallace and the Chenille Sisters and made appearances often on the Prairie Home Companion. He holds a Ph.D in composition, and has taught at the University of Michigan since 1966.

Dapogny has written extensively about Jelly Roll Morton, including liner notes for the release of his Library of Congress recordings. He also edits Jazz Masterworks Editions, a series initiated by Oberlin College and the Smithsonian Institution.

James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band members

  • Jon-Eric Kellso - trumpet
  • Mike Karoub - bass
  • Russ Whitman - reeds
  • Kim Cusack - reeds
  • Chris Smith - trombone
  • Rod McDonald - guitar, banjo
  • Wayne Jones - drums