Jeff Renner is a baker. He sells his baguettes at Arbor Farms on W Stadium Blvd and the Village Corner on South Forest Avenue.

In the news

I named my new business "The Best French Bread in Town" in 1979 after the francophile group "Alliance Français d'Ann Arbor" had a tasting of the five baguettes commercially available in Ann arbor. The members ranked the baguettes 1-5 on three criteria - crust, texture and flavor. They didn't even tally the votes - they unanimously rated mine #1 in all three and proclaimed it the best in town!

As his children grew up, he began baking year round and picked up some commercial accounts. He still baked for a few individuals, but orders from the Village Corner and Fresh Seasons made up most of his business. When Fresh Seasons closed in October, Arbor Farms almost immediately picked up the account.