Joe Joes was run by Joe Kostakis and his wife Irene, I believe until Joe's health became poor. The crowd was mostly regulars- people who wanted Irene's amazing Greek cooking, people who wanted a fresh carrot juice or fruit smoothie, and even a few people who wanted a shot or 12 (yes there was one) of wheatgrass juice. Joe knew most of his customers by name, and the customers knew his whole family. There was a small, long narrow basic dining space and counter service. On nice days, you could eat outside. 

Menu items included chicken lemon rice soup, various sandwiches, spanakotiropita, gyro with tzatziki sauce, dolmades, baklava, and much more.

In the news

Joe Joe's Campus Cafe, July 1990, Ann Arbor News

Joe Joe's Campus Cafe (exterior), July 1990, Ann Arbor News

"Takes a Licking", Michigan Daily, July 19, 1993.