Dr. John A. Fallon III is the former president of Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Fallon began his tenure at EMU on after serving as president of SUNY Potsdam and William Penn College. He had been appointed by the EMU Board of Regents in March of 2005. Dr. Fallon was fired by Eastern on July 15, 2007. Although the university did not state a reason for his firing, it is believed to have been related to Dr. Fallon's handling of the death of Laura Dickinson. Ms. Dickson, an EMU student was found dead in her dormitory on December 15, 2006. Dr. Fallon and other university officials initially stated that her death was not the result of foul play. That initial statement was shown wrong after another student at university was arrested for Ms. Dickinson's death, and it was revealed that University administrators suspected foul play from the very beginning of the investigation.

Dr. Fallon grew up in Michigan and attended three of the states public universities. He earned a Bachelor of Science in education from Western Michigan University, followed by a master's degree in educational administration from Northern Michigan University, and a doctorate in educational administration from Michigan State University. He also served on the faculties at Ball State University and Saginaw Valley State University.

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The failure to inform students was a violation of the federal Cleary Act. The federal government issued a $350,000 fine against the university. Three top administrators, including university President John Fallon and Public Safety Director Cindy Hall, lost their jobs in the ensuing fallout.

A Washtenaw County judge has ordered former Eastern Michigan University President John Fallon to pay the school more than $18,000 to cover some of legal fees associated with his whistleblower lawsuit.

Today’s Detroit Free Press reports that ousted, discredited former EMU president John A. Fallon III is writing a book about his tenure at EMU. The newspaper reports that EMU lawyers have requested copies of his “book outline,” which may mean a book proposal, in court papers.

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