Jones Drive transits between Broadway Street and Plymouth Road. The Northern Brewery is at 1327 Jones Drive.


The area in 1874.

Jones was originally called Mill Street. Along with the parallel section of Broadway, it comprised Absalom Traver's 1837 Traver's Addition to Lower Town. Mill Street lost its "civilized" character around the area today known as the 1400 block of Jones, turned a corner and struck out north along the east side of Traver Creek through the farmlands of L. Dunn and D.T. McCollum (circa 1874).

The road continued north across the creek, went a bit further and ended at Traver Street. When first the railroad and then Plymouth Road bisected the north slope of the creek valley, Jones was cut off and realigned to end at Plymouth. A short distance east along the north side of Plymouth, the original alignment of Jones became the initial segment of Barton Drive.

Flooding in 1968

The June 1968 flood affected the apartment at 1513 Jones Drive, causing damage to residents. [1]

The area in 1983.

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