Chinese restaurant located at 116 S. Main Street, which bills itself as serving "New Line Cuisine". A number of dishes here that aren't served anywhere else in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti. The restaurant closed in late 2015.

They had two different carry out menus. One is their regular menu and one is a more traditional Chinese menu. The traditional menu had a Congee section and dishes that involve pig feet, intestine, etc.

Timeline: Kai Garden

June 30, 2016. An eviction noticed is posted on the door of Kai Garden.

November 27, 2015. Kai Garden closes in downtown Ann Arbor as restaurant listed for sale. Ann Arbor News.  "Kai Garden closed last month and the owners now are listing the downtown Ann Arbor restaurant for sale. All equipment and fixtures are included in the sale, along with a lease obligation for four-and-a-half years for the property at 116 S. Main. The lease covers 1,539 square feet on the first floor and the basement. The asking price for the business is $195,000."


To rebut all the naysayers, the real secret to Kai Garden is to order from the special Chinese dishes menu, which is this smaller laminated yellow thingie. If you order from the main large menu filled with your standard Americanized Chinese food, then you are sure to be disappointed. The pieces of chicken are scarily enormous, the sauces are weird, the ingredients are boring...but if you order from the special Chinese menu, then you're in for a treat. Talk to the owners, ask for suggestions, try everything! Those are the really good dishes and the ones they seem to like cooking the most.