Kiddie Land, 1974

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Downtown toy store, now closed.

Hours: Closed.
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Years ago my Dad used to work across the street at Lucky Drugs. On occasion, my Mom would take my younger brothers and I to Ann Arbor and we would visit the toystore, oh how we just loved Kiddie Land. Back then it just seemed to be the best and biggest toy store around. I always went there to buy my baby dolls that looked like 'real' babies. Not a trip to downtown goes by when I don't look at the Mongolian BBQ and remember the large, red, bold letters that once read, "Kiddie Land." It has to be one of my fondest memories of downtown Ann Arbor as a kid....not to mention the awesome bakery that used to be down the street too. My mom says it was called the Quality Bakery. All I remember is these great long johns with frosting and orange like sprinkles/shavings and a cream center....they were the best! Before Kiddie Land it was  an S.S.Kresge store.