Legendary Ann Arbor steakhouse, owned by the same people who own Knight's Market.

A busy lunch crowd, a busy dinner crowd, definitely on the townie side of town.


When I was a wee kiddo my family started dining at Knight's *ponders* during the mid-80's and we still love it. I now visit with my husband ever-so-often and with my Dad when he's in town. This is definitely a "Dad" or perhaps "GrandDad" steakhouse. The steaks are high-quality, minimally seasoned, allowed to stand on their own merit with a simple side of potato and veggies. I LOVE their fried perch - usually very tender, buttery, hot and crisp around the edges. Steak salads with the house blue-cheese are delish, the surf-turf are usually good as well. (4 star review)

Knight's Steakhouse Website

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