Best mexican food I've had since moving out east, especially the chimichanga and soft taco sauce.

They gave me the recipe. To bad I don't need 5 gallons at a time.

2/19/09 Does anybody know who the owner was and if they are still around? My wife and I really want the chimichanga recipe! I miss that place. TimBear

Previously Fowler's Pancake House; after it closed, it was Mallis Steak Out, then La Pinata, then Watercress, and then briefly UpSouth. There is a Bank of Ann Arbor location on the corner there now.


Talk about a blast from the past! La Pinata was one of the first Mexican restaurants in Ann Arbor and was extremely popular in the '70s and '80s. You have to be a real townie to remember it. They served stacked enchiladas which are traditional New Mexican style. The shredded beef version takes a bit of time to cook and is better after it sits overnight so plan accordingly. I have also included a version using ground beef.