The Lansdowne neighborhood is bordered on the North by Scio Church Road, Churchill Dr. to the West and Ann Arbor-Saline Road to the East. To the South, South 7th Street, which runs thru the middle of the neighborhood, dead ends at Meadowbrook Park where the Meadowbrook neighborhood begins.

The neighborhood claims Lawton Elementary School, the Lans Basin portion of Malletts Creek, a foot bridge and several parks.

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Ann Arbor resident David Foster shared this video with Ann Arbor City Council members prior to addressing the council at a meeting on May 7, 2012, about flooding in his neighborhood.

"This photo looks northwest and depicts the cleared farm land for the George Airey housing development (Lansdowne) bordered by Scio Church Road, running east and west horizontally across the picture. Ironically, despite the utility poles shown, the finished utilites were underground. The building to the extreme left is Lawton School, well along toward its completion. The pond was spring fed and was called the old cow pond before being groomed for the subdivision."

The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to perform a drainage area study and recommend stormwater improvements (as further described below) to the Village Oaks – Chaucer Court drainage basin. Historically during heavy rain events, backyard (and basement) flooding has occurred between the west edge of the Village Oaks Subdivision and the east edge of the Lansdowne Subdivision near Chaucer Court. The residents of the area report that even during more frequent, less intense rain events there is still substantive overland flow in this same area.