The market report:

organic ice cream, organic pork, apples, potatoes, radishes, swiss chard, beets, tiny tulips & daffodiles, duck eggs, honey, & maple sugar.

Vendor count: 33 vendors at Ann Arbor Farmers Market, up from last week's 31. New for the season: Snow's Sugar Bush, maple syrup; their operation in Mason opens up next week.

Vendors twittering

we really are at the farmers market right outside of sparrow market

Please read!!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!

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Shoppers twittering

Apples, potatoes, beef, and pork @aafarmersmarket. Got some brisket we are going to try to "corn" for St. Patrick's Day.

It is early Spring at the Market. The first flowers have appeared from the Platt Road Farm and Greenhouse.

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